basel iii and operational risk management

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hey guys,

this is the first time ive come across this website so i hope my question is relevant. I just started sixth form earlier this month and im studying economics and we've been told to read up on news articles and so forth from the perspective of a city professional (depending on what kind of career we want to have in the future).

So getting straight to it ive been reading up on the new capital requirements stated in basel iii and i was just wondering if this means that analysts involved in operational risk management would be responsible for ensuring that banks maintain their minimum capital level of 7% of risky assets? also does this mean that those involved with risk management will bear the brunt of the extra work load that will be created by the implementation of basel iii?

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Sep 29, 2010

It creates a ton of extra work for the risk management arms of banks, but this really has nothing to do with investment banking, especially at the analyst level...

If you are thinking of working on things like this (Basel III implementation), you should get your PhD in some quantitative field (economics, finance, math, physics, etc.) and join enterprise risk management at a large financial institution.

Sep 29, 2010