BB corporate banking in continental Europe

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Hello monkeys!

I'm currently working as an equity research analyst (you wouldn't have guessed with my alias) in continental Europe (Milan/Paris/Madrid).

I want to move into real banking, and currently have an opportunity at Citi in Corporate Banking as an analyst. It would consist of both relationship management, credit analysis and support to product teams (M&A, ECM and DCM).

I'm quite interested by the job I was presented with, but I lack two major elements in order to really make up my mind:
- what will the salary be? Since I'll be working in the euro zone, will it be the same as in the US? If so, at which conversion rate?
- what will the hours be like? An insider told me 70h per week and another 60h... Would it include weekend work very often?

I guess it differs a bit from the US, as BB are not as powerful here...