BB Product Control -> EY Advisory, BIG Paycut

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So been doing MO role at a BB for close to 3 and half yrs now (I mostly did Product Control and Valuation Control at a top BB and doing PC now at a low BB). I am currently 25, and I make close to 97k/yr. Kinda got sick of this job and want a career change as I don't want to get pigeonholed into back office forever, and recently got an offer at EY Advisory.

Although the job seems more interesting (not the best consulting firm, I know) but the problem is that the pay is low. I will be making like 55k. I still have interviews at other places that may pay better, but at the moment this is the only offer I have.

Do you guys think its worth it to make the switch? Would exit opps at EY Advisory be much better than BB MO? I absolutely hate my current job and work environment and want out but don't want to get out for the sake of getting out as this will be my third company (want to stay for at least 3 yrs as I don't want to look too jumpy on my resume).

I also have the option to go to LSE for my MSc Accting and Finance in sep next yr, but dunno if this is the best option given my wrk experience and how shitty the economy is (finding a job would be a bitch).

Please advise.

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Nov 23, 2012

id take the LSE option. EY is a solid consulting firm (sure its not a MBB, Deloitte, or Booz, but its still good). that offer seems very low. i would expect that for an incoming advisory staff straight out of college. with 3.5 years experience, the highest rank they could offer you is senior, and usually this is for people with consulting experience. i would definitely negotiate for a higher comp.

my suspicion with the 55k is due to their "compensation bands." i know them, and other firms have predefined salary ranges for a given level, and they may have several levels for each rank within the firm. so if you are coming in as a staff, i think your falling in within the range. i would negotiate to come in as a senior, the ranges are higher and can meet your 95k (i believe...).

Nov 23, 2012

bump - please give me more insights!

Nov 26, 2012


Nov 27, 2012

I am shocked that your offer is for 55 only. May I ask what location you're at? 55 is the starting salary for new-hire from undergrad in cities like Chicago and Boston that aren't as expensive as SF or NYC.

If you really cant stand staying at your job and going for more interviews I would suggest to go to LSE as well, that way you're have exposure to more potential employers during the recruiting process. It is a risk though given the state of the economy. but for Big 4 Advisory, I dont think it should be too tough?

Nov 27, 2012

Depends on what your goals are but I am definitely in agreement with attending LSE from the information you have provided. It all depends on what you want to do down the road though. If you plan on doing an MBA I would say stick it out in your back office role and then try to transition after the MBA. If you don't plan on doing an MBA then I definitely think LSE is the next best option because you want out of back office but advisory and a 55k salary are nothing special in comparison. The only other thing is your finances, are you willing to go to school and pay money instead of making money? If not, then maybe try to get a higher salary from E&Y and push the other job offers in attempt to get out of back office without paying money.

Nov 27, 2012

55k is way too low. For entry levels consultant at Big 4, I know the salary is from 60k-70 k base at least.

Nov 27, 2012

55k is way too low. For entry levels consultant at Big 4, I know the salary is from 60k-70 k base at least.

55k is actually pretty standard for entry level E&Y advisory

Nov 27, 2012