I'm am currently an incoming sophomore at UVA and I was wondering which one of these unpaid(possibly enventually paid) internships would be best if my main goal IBD/M&A SA by junior or sophomore summer.

BB PWM- Your run of the mill ML PWM gig. The MD basically said I wouldn't learn much. On the other hand, it probably will be easy.

Startup VC- A family friend started a VC investing in West African agriculture indsutry. No idea what I would learn because I would be doing whatever work he has for me. It sounds really cool and I might get to take a trip to Dubai or West Africa.

CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution)- This one is with the CFO at an urban-development lending firm that is non-profit in Bmore/DC area. I would be using excel and access alot and it seems like I would be learning a lot about finance especially real-estate. I would definitely be getting more experience with this firm.

All are unpaid. So, the 1st one has the name-brand. The 2nd is the most unique. The 3rd would be the most benifical. Which one should I consider? I may be able to take on two, but probably not because I gotta make some $$$.

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Back in my sophomore year I had a very similar choice (no non-profit though). I went for the the VC and got the chance to travel to Africa (in that case was Nairobi, kenya), it was a very good personal experience and I got a lot of stories to tell during my interviews - I eventually got into a BB SA this summer.

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Back in the summer after my freshman year I was getting drunk at the pool everyday. ROL FTW

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