BC non-CSOM vs University of Toronto Econ vs NYU CAS vs NYU Gallatin

I'm currently a second year at UofT studying Econ. I'm having a crappy time here, and after two years of doing econ I've realized that I have no interest in going to grad school beyond maybe for an MBA at some point. Some personal issues have also made living in Toronto really hard, and I want to transfer to a comparable school in the States that would put me in a better position to go into something more more practical. I'm not in the Rotman Commerce undergrad program here, which gets what little attention there is for UofT from IB/consulting firms, and there is no option to do an internal transfer after 1st year, and the Econ program at UofT, which is apparently a top ranked one, is very rigorous and restrictive, so I want to switch to a school with a more multi-disciplinary experience that would let me study something more management/policy/practical with a side of things I actually find interesting, like history and IR. My UofT GPA is 3.6 (3.7 with the midterm report for Spring 2022), SAT is 1550, HS GPA is 95% (I'm an international), and I'm what many people here would call "diversity". My sister is graduating from Wharton (undergrad) and has an offer at M. Klein so my parents are very insistent on keeping the IB/high finance option open (I'm personally more inclined towards consulting), and I also want to be closer to her and ultimately end up in Boston/NYC. I have an internship at an Economic Consulting firm (Brattle/Analysis/Cornerstone line) for this upcoming summer (after sophomore year), and I have prior work experience and lots of extracurriculars here, so I think BC and NYU are within my reach. Both would be full pay, but since I'm international at UofT too the total cost would be about equal (and for NYU since my sister is going to be working in NYC I will be commuting). I'm also applying to womens LACs (personal reasons) like Barnard, Smith, Bryn Mawr, Holyoke but I know those aren't especially relevant to the finance/business jobs so that's irrelevant. 

I have yet to send out applications, but before I pay the ridiculous fees, I want to know if it would be worth it to go to BC non-CSOM or NYU non-Stern (the external transfers for both of these schools is too selective for someone with my stats) compared to UofT (non-Rotman) as a junior transfer for the opportunities to break into IB/consulting? In the case of NYU, I'm kind of interested in going to Gallatin and doing something like the Business and Economic History of Law (I kind of want to go to Law school too? Sorry I know I sound very unfocused, I really just need the chance to dip my toes into various fields to get an idea of what I want to do, and the way UofT is structured has made that nearly impossible) and continue taking stats/analytics courses on the side (as I am right now), but would that put me at a disadvantage vis a vis CAS Econ/CS/Math kids? I know I'll have to work harder to network and build a skillset at either school, especially compared to the business kids, but I'd be willing to do that to keep options in academia/policy making/research open (to be honest my ideal job is something like working for the FSB or World Bank or going into Regulation). Anyway, sorry for the word vomit, just feeling stressed and sad here and looking for some advice.

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Jan 7, 2022 - 3:11pm

Former corporate lawyer here.  Don't go to law school.  Most people regret it, and most people with ambition resent going to school for three years in their twenties for what amounts to an advanced liberal arts degree (the JD).  The MBA teaches real skills and is a better time.  You will make more money doing more interesting things in almost any field other than law.  It is not designed to cash out with large holdings.

Jan 7, 2022 - 5:02pm

I hear you. Law School does seem like kind of a waste of money. I'd just like to experience the things they teach, it's the only professional degree I can see being actually interesting to study.

Jan 7, 2022 - 9:33pm


I hear you. Law School does seem like kind of a waste of money. I'd just like to experience the things they teach, it's the only professional degree I can see being actually interesting to study.

They don't teach much of anything. You read thousands of pages of appellate cases over three years while a prof with a six figure income, four hours of "work" a week, and a viagra prescription to hit on grad students in other programs spout nonsense on a chalk board. The "learn to think critically" line is a marketing ploy to hide the fact you don't do much at all. 

Jan 7, 2022 - 9:49pm

You have a really good GPA at a place that essentially like Princeton takes pride in murdering your GPA. I get you do not like the atmosphere (uoft is shit) but think you should look at transferring to some better schools as well. 

Issue is no Canadian school is going to take a 3rd year transfer so are left with just US schools but the ones you targeting riding it out at UofT may actually be better. Like I think you missed the Ivey transfer window. 

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Jan 8, 2022 - 12:44pm

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