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I've noticed from browsing these boards that Mck and Bain seem to be the primary feeders to P/E firms from consulting. How does BCG fare?

I have offers at the associate level from BCG and Bain, and have an interest in P/E. I sense that I may fit better in BCG and really like the people I've met.

However, will choosing BCG put me at a significant disadvantage if trying to switch to P/E two years from now (vs if I choose Bain)?

I realize that all answers are largely subjective and I may end up going purely by fit alone. But I'd be interested in reading what people have to say.


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Nov 2, 2007

I have been in contact with Howe Barnes the past month that may or not lead to a position. They are a MM firm specializing in Financial Services (#4 on the league tables). I was wondering if anyone knew general info on them (salary, bonuses, work/life balance, etc). I couldn't find them on Vault and was hoping someone could throw me some general info.

Nov 2, 2007

Posted in the wrong spot...

Nov 2, 2007

People on this board seem to think that Bain or McK offer significantly greater exit opps when it comes to PE. Admittedly, at my fund the only consultants we have came from Bain or McK, but I can recall seeing a number of interview candidates from BCG when I was going through interviews with large PE funds.

My thought is that if you do well at any MBB shop and can interview well then you will have the same PE exit opportunities.

Nov 6, 2007

I am still at an M/B/B and have not looked into the jump to PE, BUT, it is generally understood around here that personal performance lands you the PE job. I do not know any stats, but you are on the right track assuming that Bain/McK offer greater placement at PE shops than BCG. McK for its name and Bain for its dominance in the field of PE consulting.

obviously this is not ground breaking advice, but going with any of the top three cannot hurt.

Just curious, how do you consider yourself a better 'fit' at BCG. Not a loaded question, just objectively interested.

Goodluck, and enjoy the sell weekends.

Nov 13, 2007

Bain threw me off for a couple of reasons:
-The culture seemed too frat-ish for me
-The diversity at the workplace (at least, at the place I interviewed) wasn't very good

BCG, on the other hand, seemed more diverse and I felt like the people were more "genuine" (at least, the people I met).

There are bound to be exceptions (heck, the people I met at both firms may have been exceptions), but I'm going by what I've observed.

Dec 1, 2007
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