Beating the average US annual salary (50K) in less than a month with 2500 in funding (FX trader)

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Hello everyone,

These are the result of the first 12 days of my trading. I'm hoping to beat the average annual income in US before the end of the month.

I'm currently looking for a job in a hedge fund in either US, Europe (perferably Europe since I'm attending University there in August) only because my line of work has been rendered illegal in Iran (my home county, where I currently live) recently.

so if anyone knows of a job opening at a hedge fund that is looking for a talented trader with good returns while keeping a DD under 15%, I would appreciate it if they give me a heads up ;)

I will keep you guys posted about my mission, hopefully I'll be able to celebrate it here at the end of the month!

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Feb 28, 2018

just to make something clear, I'm not delusional. I don't think I can return +1000% every single month. that's not my intention at all.
but I believe I can easily return 10% monthly return without even going over 10% DD.

again, I know I don't need to work for someone else, I was happy working for myself for the past 2 years.. but its not about that really, its just that since its no longer legal for me to work in my home country as a currency trader, I like to find a job at a hedge fund (would be amazing if its a hedge fund that works with quad traders as I am very much interested in that area and would love to learn from great minds in quad trading) and that way I can finally get rid of these sanctions against Iran and start experiencing trading in the US stock market.

I'll be attending university in Italy in August (I'm going to study programming) but since that's not written in stone yet, I wanted to look into job opportunities to see if there is a bit room left for me in a hedge fund somewhere!

Become good at making money, and you never need to become good at anything else...

Feb 28, 2018

You have USD$17k in your account.. Since you can "easily return 10% monthly return", in the worst case scenario over 10 years, you can grow that USD$17k to USD$1.4bn..

Feb 28, 2018

Become good at making money, and you never need to become good at anything else...