Being realistic on what to go after

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Long time lurker here, I've seen tons of good advice over the years and am seeking guidance on what realistic options I hace based on my situation.

I'll be 24 when I head back to a semi-target school (East coast) in the fall to finish an accounting degree over the next three semesters. I have taken periods of time off to gain experience through a brief accounting/supply chain co-op at a reputable company (pharma) and worked as an inside sales rep for one of the big wireless telecommunications companies for 2 years.

After experiencing both, I absolutely hated the corporate cube life (maybe just the industry) but very much enjoyed and did well working in customer facing sales. I'm studying accounting primarily because of the doors it can open down the road, the problem is figuring out what to go after when recruiting starts in the fall. My GPA is right on the cutoff for most firms/programs at 3.18 and plan to bring it as high as possible because Ill be able to focus solely on academics (worked full time on top of full time school previously).

Big 4 is definitely on my radar as I've developed solid connections from past customers but nothing gaurenteed. With GPA and work experience considered, what areas would you recommend? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Jun 7, 2018