Berkshire without Buffett?

In the past few months there's been myriad speculation on how Apple would fare without Steve Jobs; with the man being synonymous with the company he founded, some have argued that without him it wouldn't hold its high valuations, and some, perhaps foolishly, have said that the whole thing could crumble.

I agree with the former, and the latter's just ridiculous.

There's another company though whose founder is just as synonymous with it as Jobs' is to Apple, maybe even more central, that's been flying low on the radar lately but with the investment community now raging boners over the release of his nth Shareholder Letter and Annual Report, I felt we should broach the topic:

What will happen to Berkshire without Buffett?

No, he's not sick and despite all the cheeseburgers and cherry Cokes he's consumed over the years, Warren Buffett seems to be as healthy as a racehorse. Maybe an old one with weird skin, but still.

And no, I do not wish him ill and despite me not being his biggest fan, I wish him nothing but the best but with that said, the dude isn't immortal, and at 80 years old he might be looking for some down time soon.

How do you monkeys feel about BRK without Warren at the helm?

He and Munger seem to be very confident with Combs taking the reins but will the venerable Berkshire Hathaway keep its clout?

Will we see BRK A hitting $140,000+ again without him?

Or will it all crumble?

Enjoy your Saturday monkeys.

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