Best B-schools/programmes for Project Finance field

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What are the best schools/programmes if I would like to set my career on infrastructure PF? Are there any good jobs in the field out there? I hear that the UK is pretty much secondary market. But I'm sure many banks (i.e. Macquarie) must do a lot of greenfield investments. Cheers.

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Apr 3, 2013

I know this post is old, but I am Interested too, and posting is probably better than starting a new one. I am thinking on continue my studies with some PF related program. Nobody knows?

Apr 10, 2018

Would really also like an answer on this front.

Looks like LBS has a decent program on this. Anyone aware of a program that focuses more on clean energy finance?

Apr 10, 2018

INSEAD has an elective course covering project finance. HEC Paris has an elective course on RE.

I think France and Spain are good markets for project finance experience; either working for a bank (Santander, BNP, Credit Agricole, etc) or for a sponsor (Veolia, Iberdrola, Acciona, etc).

Apr 11, 2018