I'd like to be a consultant in the future and knowing my circumstances, my chances of getting offers from MBB are slim. However, since tier 2 firms are still an option what would be the best entry level job that I can use as a platform that will impress these firms? Should I look for jobs in smaller consulting boutiques in my city? My plan is to apply to a top MBA program after I have a few years of real world experience. Please give some ideas for entry level jobs or internships.
Help a brother out.


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ermmm..... we need more details about you. washington u, is that a semi-target?

idunno, but i hear bad things about b-school placement from boutique consultancies. have you considered investment banking? you're probably better off doing corporate strategy or F500 finance (if that's your only option) than working at an unknown consultancy.

::anyone who actually knows what they're talking about feel free to chime in::

Money Never Sleeps? More like Money Never SUCKS amirite?!?!?!?

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I guess I wasnt very concise in my original post. sorry! what I meant was I would like to attract tier 2 firms (OW, ATK, Marakon, Accenture etc.) in the future. I'm not targeting MBB at all. I'm a realist.


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