Best European Master in Finance (Pre-Experience) for Investment Banking

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Hey, so I'm entering my third (and final year) of my undergrad in Business Admin. at a semi-target business school in continental Europe. GPA is good but nothing stellar (think around 3.2-3.3 on American GPA and around 2 on German GPA although I can still raise this). My end goal is to get into investment banking (preferably industry group (preferably FSG) and eventually go into a long/short hedge fund). Here's some of my pro's:

-High grades on Quant courses (Corp. Finance, Stats, Accounting, Supply chain, etc.)
-Founded an investment group with friends, we bought some stocks but it quickly died off though. (lasted a few months)
-5-month internship in wealth management in LATAM
-Native level in Spanish and English (basic level in Portuguese, German and Italian)

and my cons:

-not many extracurriculars
-no stellar GPA
-no good internship
-not a super good uni

Given that I doubt I'll be able to get any entry-level job right out of undergrad especially with how common it is to do a masters right after your studies; I plan on doing a masters: these are my choices:

  • Rotterdam School of Management --> Msc. in Finance & Investments
  • Bocconi University --> Msc. in Finance
  • University of St. Gallen --> M.A. HSG in Banking & Finance
  • Stockholm School of Economics --> Msc. In Finance

what do you guys think of my profile? which masters do you think is best and/or more likely to accept me? money is something to consider. or should I try to go for a long term (6-12 month internship for next year, is that better? do i even have a shot? also, im more than willing to go to say Madrid first if it makes breaking in any easier (of course the end goal is London/New York)

lastly, I havent take an admissions test and im ultra confused as to whether the GRE or Gmat is better for MiF? I also dont have much time left to study so which am I more likely to get a high grade?

sorry for the long post and thank you so much for any help!

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Sep 9, 2019

Out of those Bocconi carries the most name with St. Gallen being big in DACH and SSE being known as particularly challenging. SSE has Nordics appeal and RSM has Benelux appeal - Bocconi is your best shout.

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Sep 10, 2019

Thanks for your response man, do you think its worth 28k though? I can pay it but its not pocket change you know, and with SSE being free, St. Gallen costing around 8k and RSM costing 2k, I'm really unsure if the high price tag is worth it for a somewhat more recognizable name.

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Sep 10, 2019

It's tough because it can often depend on the firm you apply to. In London generally Bocconi will be the best known but it is also a Europe-exclusive thing. If a couple years down the line you move elsewhere or go to the Nordics etc then it may not be worth it. Let's say you move to the US or Latam - they won't really care about Bocconi that much. If you had the option to pay PS32K for the LSE MFin then I would say yes because that is (arguably) a global name much more so than Bocconi. Bottom line is see if London is really the only place you want to work in.

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Sep 11, 2019

A true ranking empirically validated by this forum.

Tier 1:

  • Oxford MFE
  • LSE MSc Finance

Tier 1.5:

  • Bocconi MSc Finance
  • LSE MSc A&F

Tier 2:

  • "SSE/ESSEC/ESCP/St.Gallen/WHU" MSc Finance
  • Imperial MSc Finance

Tier 2.5:

  • Warwick Msc Finance
  • ESADE MSc Finance

Tier 3:

  • EDHEC MSc in Financial Markets
  • Imperial MSc A&F
  • Cass MSc Finance
  • "IE/CBS" MSc Finance
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Sep 13, 2019