Best investing tips for beginner investors

What is the best investing tip for beginner investors you wish you knew when you started?

Here are 10 investing tips for beginner investors:

  1. Acknowledge the need to invest and decide your goal. The first step is to actually understand why you need to be invested and not just keep your savings at your bank.
  2. Educate yourself. Investing needs experience and experience comes only with time. But before you get there, you can read. So educate yourself with as much material as possible.
  3. Start investing as early as possible. You 'll then have more time to correct your mistakes and find what works for you. Also, more time to grow your wealth.
  4. Understand the power of compounding returns. One of the most fundamental parts of investing.
  5. Invest for the long run. This does not necessarily mean picking assets with long-term value. Instead, always keep in mind that your goal is to create wealth in the next 10 or 20 years, not next year or the year after. Think like an investor and not like a trader.
  6. Learn how to budget. In order to invest more money, you need to save more and knowing how to budget is key for that.
  7. Invest periodically. Markets go up and down. If you invest your whole sum at one go, then you may find yourself at a peak. Don't try to time the market! Instead, enter the market at different price levels.
  8. Make a plan. It has to be diversified and low-cost, as even a 1% fee adds up quickly over time and compounds.
  9. Stick to the plan. A plan makes no difference if you don't stick to it. Don't panic. Ups and downs are expected. Review your plan but stick to its principles!
  10. Don't trade frequently. Don't trade off emotions. Remember you are an investor and not a trader.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but a good place to get started.

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Comments (6)

Jan 4, 2021 - 10:32am

Never invest money you can't afford to lose. 
Backtest your strategies.
Write down your mistakes, study them, and include them in your trading/investing plan as checkmarks so you don't do them ever again. 
Understand the tax rules before you start trading/investing. 
Understand the use of leverage and how dangerous it can be if used wrong. 

Sep 7, 2021 - 10:11am

If you can educate yourself you can make your own tips and tricks for investment trading.

if you can know the difference between yourself that weather you are trader or investor 

then you can make money consistently by yourself


Sep 8, 2021 - 1:45am

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