Best M&A Group for post-MBA Associate Position

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I have been granted several offers to join the following groups post MBA.

A bit about my background worked in IBD for 2 years and moved to H.I.G Capital after in Brazil. Went to do my MBA at HSW and my main goal was to be in the US for some time.

My plan is to work in an M&A group that will:

1) Give me exposure to large and complex deals --> Quality and size of Dealflow
2) An environment that challenges me every day ---> Access to smart and ambitious professionals
3) Optionality to break back into the buyside at a large megafund (KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle)---> Looking to go back to PE, and I am pretty flexible about the geography. Latin America, London could be some options but firm reputation is more important to me.

How would you rank the following groups based on this criteria and why?

Citi M&A