Within a year I will graduate with a first-class degree in Engineering from an unknown Belgian University.

I'm currently looking into several Masters in Finance programs to apply to. I read about the programs at Cambride, LSE, Warwick, Imperial, ... and I will apply for these, but the chances of being rejected are very high. That's why I am looking for some other decent (read: back-up plan) programs in Europe (UK and Continental Europe) that will give me a realistic chance of landing an investment banking job. Any suggestions?

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bocconi, WHU, EBS (the german one), st gallen, and SSE


Hmm, I don't think I blogged about that german school. Europe has so many good programs it really is hard to say. Cambridge, oxford, lse, lbs, st gallen, bocconi, hec, etc.


Master in Finance Website

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I'm currently doing a Masters in Finance at LSE. It's pretty good and offers a decent variety of courses for your elective modules. The networking side is reasonable and you get to interact with people from the part-time course (i.e. people who are working in the industry).

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