Best path to AM Research Analyst: Sell-side Research or Investment Banking

Currently, a rising junior in college and my ultimate career goal is to be a Buy-Side Analyst or PM. What is the better career starting point, Sell-Side ER or Investment Banking? I will apply to Buy-Side firms this year for my junior year internship, but if I can't land one which would be a better one to choose? I talked to a buy-side analyst at a large mutual fund and he told me IB which is where he started.

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Jul 4, 2017

ER is the more traditional route, but some funds do like former bankers. I would go with ER if you can, but jobs are rarer. Also, ER will give you more time to do the CFA compared to IBD.

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Jul 6, 2017

Would it be better to start on the buyside or sellside? Also, would you prefer performance over reputation?

Jul 12, 2017