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I am a rising junior at a non-ivy target majoring in finance with a minor/possible double major in computer science. I have a pretty well-rounded background in finance (internships in PWM, business appraisal, and PE so far), solid extracurriculars, and a 3.85 GPA that will hopefully be 3.9+ upon graduation. I'm going through IB recruiting right now and will hopefully land at a top BB or elite boutique. I don't plan on staying in banking long-term, and I'm interested in everything from buy-side jobs, to the corporate side, to entrepreneurship/VC. I've already been networking in these areas, and I want to keep all of these doors open in the near future. My current "plan" is banking --> M7 which will hopefully allow me to pursue whichever of the previously mentioned areas I decide I want go into.

I know its early, but if you guys could provide any insight on what you have seen as the best ways to get into M7's and any suggestions for things I could be doing now to better my chances, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Jun 30, 2017 - 1:28pm

be a rockstar at work, be a great person after work

[quote="M7 MBA, iBanking. Top MSF grad. AntiTNA. Truth is hard to hear! But... "] [/quote] [quote="DickFuld: Yeah....most of these people give terrible advice."] [/quote]
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Jan 14, 2018 - 3:50am

For now, just try to find a job that gives you great exposure and lets you build transferable skills. Maybe an MBA will make sense for you 4-5 years down the road; maybe it won't. Perhaps you'll want to do a 1-year MBA, specialized masters, etc. instead.

MBAs are extraordinarily expensive in terms of tuition and opportunity cost. You shouldn't do one unless you have a pretty clear idea of what you want, and you won't know that until you've been working for a few years.

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