Hi All,

I have been networking non-stop to get myself an opportunity within the industry. I have been leveraging my contacts and contacts of theirs. Another way I have been going about speaking with people in the industry is seeing who is hiring via indeed, LinkedIn search, etc. and then looking up folks within those companies and reaching out cold.

Are there specific sites where is best to know the most up to date postings from jobs? Or is there any way to know if companies are hiring prior to them being published?

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, there are no resources available beyond what you have already described. Do you have any relevant internships? Have you contacted alumni, friends, family, etc.? You can use the standard job sites (Indeed, Doostang, LinkedIn, WSO, etc.) in addition to applying directly on company websites but entry level positions are difficult to obtain, especially without prior relevant work experience. I will tell you that if you are going to cold contact someone make sure you do not use a generic template (I immediately delete those). Instead find something on LinkedIn that you have in common or is of interest. Keep the emails relatively short (5-6 sentences). Introduce yourself, state the reason for reaching out, try to reference something you have in common (golf, sports, alumni, etc.) and see if you can get someone on the phone for 15 minutes. Its a numbers game and it only takes 1 person to say yes. Good luck.


Yes, I should have been more descriptive on what I have already done. I have used a lot of alumni, family, and friends and have received a lot of leverage from that. I have also seen an enormous amount of success through cold emailing. I was more curious if there were other ways than what I have already been doing.

The closest experience that I have is a course I took with the Investment Banking Institute. Playing hockey in college didn't allow me the time to do internships during the summer.


i auto reject all linkedin requests from random undergrads from my alma mater who just have a generic 'i want to connect with you message.'


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