Best UPENN clubs to join for buyside?

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if I want to learn investing what are the best student groups for me to join at UPENN? I'm on the WTIG development team right now and I'm curious if anyone has tips for what team to join next semester or if I should just WUFC (I have friends on it) or something else. Thanks!!

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I know someone in WUFC, good for banking less for buyside

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What is good for buyside?


Student run funds are good as wimbo said, don't go there so don't know their names though


Ivy Capital Management, Golden Platinum Securities some examples I know of


do you have anymore tips on these club?


You should join the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES


Jesus, there's STUDENT CLUB placement rankings at Penn?

I would have killed myself had I went to Wharton. Good god almighty.


@BlackHat @wallace18 it looks like you guys went to Wharton, any tips would help a bunch


From what I know WITG, PE/VC club, the student-run funds especially


Honestly, just get as high of gpa as you can while you're a freshman. And don't obsess over buyside. Many of the top kids go to banks.


do you have anymore tips on this club?


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