I'm trying to learn about the best way to tap into the SF Hedge Fund community. I'll begin with a little of my personal background to add some context to the question.

I will be graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle in March of 2011. I currently am a Analyst Intern for a small hedge fund in Seattle. I would like to move to the bay area once I graduate to work for a hedge fund there. I don't know anyone in the bay and my alumni network isn't providing any ideas for me.

So my question is how do I most effectively target and contact the different funds in SF?


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I don't know how great of advice this is as I haven't tried it myself (still an undergrad too), but I know we have a very active CFA society in The Bay:

They seem to have a lot of great events that you could probably use to network with prominent PMs and the like.

haha, they even have a "CFA Society of San Francisco and Financial Women's Association of San Francisco Joint Mixer." I smell a meat-market!

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