Big 4 Advisory Dress Code

Hi monkeys,

It may sound like a random topic but I have zero clue on what I will be wearing as an entry-level associate at a Big 4 advisory. I'm curious to know if I will be wearing a suit all the time. How formal is the attire? My office is in NYC.

Thanks, and merry christmas to you all!

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Comments (4)

Dec 24, 2014

Its dependent on the client. At a minimum its business casual (with the exception of casual fridays), but the Big 4 will never dress below what the client's dress code is. I have been on clients where its been business format the entire time (suit and tie), but have only had a handful of clients require that.

Dec 24, 2014

Why don't you just e-mail/phone them and ask about the dress code?

Dec 24, 2014

As stated above it will depend on the client. If the client is biz formal you'll have to wear a suit/tie. If it business casual you'll be able to wear slacks and a dress shirt. But, it's always better to be over dressed than under.

Dec 24, 2014