Big 4 Audit to Corporate Finance - IBD?

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I just joined a Big 4 firm in London doing Audit and contracted to complete my ACA as part of my grad scheme. I want to move to IBD (BB or MM boutique) in the near future but I am aware that moving into Corporate Finance is a good stepping stone. I graduated from a top target uni and have extensive knowledge in finance and already drafted a couple finance models while at uni.

Anyone in a similar position managed to move into IBD pre MBA? Is it possible to transition into Corporate Finance during my Audit Grad Scheme (both the programme include ACA qualification btw)? Out of pure ignorance, what do I need to do at this point or what team/department should I try to be involved in a move into IBD in a couple of years? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!!!

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Aug 27, 2018
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