Big 4 M&A consulting Vs Tier 2/3 - offers and salary negotiations

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Currently a Senior Associate in the big 4. Spent first 3 years in audit, 1 year in tax finance, 2 years (currently) in Risk assurance. I have been attending law school while working for the past 4 years. Graduated in May. Been wanting to jump to M&A or Strategy consulting for a long time but knew i couldn't while in school. Currently sitting on offers from Deloitte as an M&A Senior Consultant and CBIZ MHM as an M&A Senior consultant. Deloitte offer came first which I told them I needed to think about it. CBIZ HR called earlier today to ask what my salary expectations were. I let them know the min range I would leave the big 4 for plus letting them know I would receive my annual bonus end of sept so if they want me to start earlier, that would be a discussion point. Also told them I do have an offer from Deloitte, but am hesitant due to the amount of travel. Did I shoot myself in the foot on this salary negotiation? Usually I would expect a jumping off point from them, even a range. But she didn't give me much to work with.

Secondly, I have a 6 month old so I am heavily leaning towards CBIZ position because the travel is less than 20% compared to Deloitte. As long as they can meet some min salary and benefits requirements. It was a huge challenge to jump from assurance to M&A consulting. Does anyone have experience jumping from the lower tier to the Big 4 or MBB consulting? I wouldn't even think about it for 5 years but thought I would throw out the question.