Big 4 Offer for Sophomore - Attending E&Y

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yo guys I am a sophomore finance and accounting major at a business school that ranks in the bottom half of the top 100. I have also just completed a 6 month finance/accounting co-op with Johnson and Johnson.

I recently attending E&Y's Emerging Leaders Program and was offered an internship in assurance-external audit.. They are letting me choose if I want to take the internship in the Summer 2012 or Summer 2013... I am set to graduate in the Summer of 2014 with 150 credits.

What would you advise I take? I am a little worried about this internship because I have a strong interest in finance, more than accounting, but I am hoping the audit experience could lead to a position in advisory or transactional services. Could this be true?

I was told if I would want advisory I would have to take a 2nd round interview that consisted of a written portion and case study. Should I have went for it?

Thanks for all the help!

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Jun 30,2011

Try hard for advisory imo.

I was in a similiar boat to you (albeit outside US)....shit hit the fan and jobs were scarce so I went for audit....really regretted it....I say go to the other big 4 and try for an advisory position.

It is very common (in europe anyway) for audit people to move to advisory after the three year training contract (i.e. once qualified as a chartered accountant) but it is seriously difficult to move during the training contract and audit is miserable.

You will learn some solid skills in the first 1-2 years....i.e. dealing with financial statements, what lies behind the numbers, how to work with clients and extract information, the operations of a business but after this it becomes dull and repetitive and you realise your picking up few valuable technical skills.

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Jun 30,2011

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