Big 4 Transaction Service to Top Mgt Consulting

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I'm thinking about making a switch from a position in Big 4 transaction services group (due diligence for mainly PE clients) to a top management consulting firm. I come from a Patriot League school with a quant/ business degree, and a decent GPA. I also have my CPA. How easy do you think the switch will be? Thanks.

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Jun 28, 2012

Not easy. I've never seen anyone from Big 4 go to MBB from any service line. Although it does happen, I'm not sure due diligence work is going to get you a spot. That being said, MBB will take people from a lot of different backgrounds. Your strategy should be to make your work experience almost a side note on your resume - to get into an MBB, you have to do something really cool to make them notice you. Experienced hiring is extremely selective.

One option is to try to get hired as a "specialist" rather than as a consultant. This might use your due diligence skills.

Alternatively, what about a second tier firm? Big 4 Consulting, Accenture, Oliver Wyman, etc. This would probably be an easier jump for you.

Good luck.

Jun 29, 2012

It will definitely be tough. I was looking into the same thing, and in the first few years in your career I here its ridiculously difficult and very unlikely. I've been told that top MC firms would rather hire their "generalists" from a target school than experience hires from big 4, its possible but unlikely. You'd have a better chance sticking around and becoming a subject matter expect, and coming in as an experience hire/consultant that way you have actually have something to offer. Obviously you won;lt be a "generalist" anymore and will have to be focuses in the Financial Services industry of consulting, but that would be your realistic way into a top MC firm.

Jun 30, 2012


I'm interested in moving to the Transaction space at one of the Big 4. Would you mind sharing an email so I can send you a private message? I'm interested to hear about the day to day, any insight into comp packages, etc. I appreciate any help on this. Thanks!

  • Isaac
Jun 30, 2012

Why not try to transfer to the CDD group at your current firm? I have heard it if fairly common in London at the big4s.

Jun 30, 2012