Big 4 Transaction Services - How much does the city matter?

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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding Big 4 transaction services that I haven't seen asked on this forum. I'm currently a first year senior in a Big 4 due diligence group in Philadelphia. Before joining TS, I was in the financial services audit group, also in Philly. My girlfriend attends grad school in Philly and has one year left. She's from NYC and we would like to relocate there when she graduates.

While I'm sure my firm would transfer me, I'd like to leave my firm when we move. I have an eye towards internal due diligence groups at PE funds or middle office "financial operations analyst" type roles. Will my Philly work experience be a roadblock to me in terms of seeking out opportunities in NYC? My perception is that NY'ers in general tend to look down on Philly, and I'm a bit worried that my experience in this market won't be respected - thus hindering my eventual job search.

Tl;dr - I work in Big 4 Transaction Services in Philadelphia and will eventually be looking for exit opportunities in NYC. Will my experience be less respected because I've spent my early career outside of NYC?

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