Hey guys,

Have 3 job offers and am trying to figure out which is the best option to take in terms of career prospects. Definitely don't want to stay in Audit forever but am willing to stay for around 5-10 years depending on the market.

Will have a master in accounting and a master in finance when I graduate. I got a two year grad school scholarship with no work experience, so decided an MBA was out of the question.

Have an offer in audit in Financial Services in NYC at big four (around 55k)

Have an offer in transaction services or TAS at Big 4 in the south (around 52k)

And an offer at a smaller Big 4 office in audit in a small metropolitan city (49k).

With my two masters, even though its not an MBA, I feel like these salaries are a little low, although I realize that Big 4 give everyone starting out basically the same thing. Also currently have a valuations internship at a small investment bank while in school.
Is there any room for negotiation?

Also, with a master in accounting and finance, is NYC audit the smarter move, as I will be able to use both my degrees? But at 55k in NYC, I will pretty much be broke as hell...will the experience in NYC be greater than the amount of money saved elsewhere?

Also, will working in TS or TAS (same thing, different firms) help to transition into the finance world more so than auditing major financial institutions in NYC??

Any help would be of great appreciation!! Thanks!

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TS or TAS is much better than audit. Just bite the bullet on salary and network to get out of there once economy picks up or you have a little experience. Perhaps do an MBA down the road if you aren't able to get where you want.

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for goodness sake go to TAS. audit is a lot of menial work, and the pay doesn't go up that much


TAS will make it easier to trade up. Auditing financial institutions won't have much cachet outside of Big 4 audits; transaction advisory is still different from, say, banking, but it's closer.

Also have a friend who does TAS at a big 4 in NYC and absolutely loves it.

One of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest, will be my wingtip passing over.


Hey thanks a bunch for the comments. They are really helpful!

The people I interviewed with for audit in NYC also said it was an option to transfer over to the TAS group after a couple of years because of my finance background. Because audit works closely with the TAS on engagements a lot of the times, the interviewers mentioned I could talk with the TAS guys and put my name out there and that could be a way to transfer over.

What about transferring between cities in the TS group. The TS offer I have is in TX. Is it hard to transfer cities within TS, to, say, NYC?

Again, all the comments and thoughts are helpful.




We've got some honest reviews of people that have done both on our site http://www.big4gossip.com/guides/big-4-department-....
See if you find those of any use, and feel free to get in touch with us for any further questions/advice.


don't worry about transferring yet - i'm sure if you do well enough they'll find a way to keep you happy....

and definitely TS over audit...i wouldn't even think about going into audit first then transferring...(unless audit is your dream)...i'd just go straight to TS


Just take TS. I did the transition. As long as your review is good, the move is fairly easy. I transferred from Philly to New York. No questions were asked. Good luck.


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