Big 5 Middle Office or Actuarial Analyst for Gov? (Co-op)

Third-year student at a nontarget in Canada, looking for co-ops for Fall 21 and Win 22. I got these two offers and I'm trying to figure out which one is best for my goals:

Big 5 Capital Markets - Governance and Reporting (co-op)

Mostly analytics, reporting, analysis of KRI's, and assisting on new projects that relate to operational risk. Will be working on the Operational Risk, Controls & Governance team. Made future manager aware that I would like to explore other opportunities in capital markets in the future ie. something front office. They said this is possible and the experience ill gain in the role will put me in a great place.


  • opportunity to get my foot in the door in the Big 5, specifically the Capital Markets division 

  • opportunity to network with the front office, this firm has a great platform for connecting with others internally 


  • will this MO position hurt me when I try to recruit for front office in 2023??

Ontario Power - Actuarial Mathematics (co-op)

Working within the HR team on pension analytics, mainly actuarial valuation. The manager seems awesome and is willing to give me lots of exposure to the pension fund portfolio managers and related projects + they are willing to extend it to summer 2022 where I then could possibly be working directly with the pension fund on investment analysis.


  • Manager seems great and understands that I'm really passionate about investing and would like to be involved more directly in the pension fund

  • Opportunity to network with pension fund PM's and analysts 


  • not necessarily interested in doing the work of this job, more interested in the opportunity it presents for future positions 

The end goal is to secure a career in the capital markets preferably in front office. I'm leaning towards the big 5 option but I wanted to get some insight. Would taking this role would hurt my resume when recruiting for front office positions in the future? Which one do you think is best? My current plan is to recruit for summer 2022 with boutiques in Toronto with the hope that I can leverage this upcoming experience into getting me in.

Appreciate any advice, thank you

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