Big4 audit to private equity opportunity

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I was approached by a very small, 9 person private equity company based in the midwest. Website says they invest in companies with EBITDA of 4-20 million.

As someone who works in Audit in the Big4, this seems like a no brainer to pursue? I've recently begun to hate audit and have started networking with people I know at banks and such to get out of accounting, so it seems like very ironic timing.

I'm wondering what the catch is? the job description says they're looking for someone from the Big4 out of audit or TAS services with their CPA which is exactly me, but the job descriptions doesn't seem to be too accounting heavy - i.e. lists modeling, valuation, diligence as things I'd be performing. Anyone have experience with firms this small? I've researched the firm a little bit and everyone seems legit... MPs are Harvard Business grads, younger staff have good backgrounds which almost all started with the Big4.

Anyone have any similar experience? I'm not well versed in the private equity world but figured it would probably at least be worth pursuing. any insight is appreciated on what to look for, where the catch might be, etc.

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Feb 1, 2019

I would assume this would be a portfolio controller / fund accounting job, which basically means you will be working on portfolio valuation / support as opposed to deal search and execution. It is not a private equity role in the traditional sense, but more likely supporting the CFO with auditor compliance. I would think it would be very strange to see a firm pursuing a CPA for an investing role.

Feb 3, 2019

Agreed, but a small fund could want an audit associate to do the reporting operations and be brought along to do investments over time, at a much cheaper price than a banker.

Feb 3, 2019