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I have 10 years of assurance and advisory experience. I have extensive regional experience in the MENA region and currently I am keen to join the INSEAD MBA next September. However, if I was admitted, do you believe I can make a move into Management Consulting. I acknowledge the fact that this depends on a number of factors, but in your experience, would this be possible, and if so , what level would be the most suitable for me.

- Executive Manager in Transaction Department in a Big 4
- Leads a team of 13 professionals.
- Worked over projects in 9 countries.
-Pursuing the INSEAD MBA.
- Member in Seeds of Peace.

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Dec 29, 2011

Hi Sams,

Slightly different profile but a colleague of mine (Big 4 investment advisory with 5 years experience) in London did an MBA at LBS and made the jump to management consulting with Oliver Wyman. I would imagine with the INSEAD MBA you would be able to shoot for a similar level of firm.

Jan 1, 2012