Bizarre Apology Emailed to Every Employee in Region

Working in a F200 firm's wealth management division this summer. Our office is part of a group that has five offices across SoCal, ~450 advisors, support/staff, etc across the group.

This morning, everybody got this strange and dramatic email from one of the advisors. We all read it and said, "What meeting?" "Did anyone ever get an invite to anything?" "When was this?" "Are they okay?" "WTF?" Texted my friend from another office and they're also clueless and shocked.

We're not sure what's going on. Maybe they emptied their client's accounts and went long Helios & Matheson (MoviePass) HMNY and short Tesla TSLA at the same time. Will post the apology email if/when it happens.

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Aug 10, 2018

FA's always seem to find the most creative uses of time.

Aug 10, 2018


Aug 12, 2018


Aug 13, 2018


Aug 13, 2018
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