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Oct 28, 2015

Isn't Aladdin BlackRock's performance tracking software? That sounds like it would relegate you to an IT/back office role. Is that really what you want? Don't let them BS you with "durrr but you'll learn about portfolios." Maybe you will tangentially, but sounds like it would be a hard sell to other employers that you've developed the skill set if you want to transition to something else down the line.

I'd go with the DB corporate banking, but that's just me. Good luck.

Oct 29, 2015

Thanks! I knew that it's definitely hard to transfer to direct investment roles from Aladdin Client Service, but after my interview, I thought that it's possibly easy to go into financial market advisory after that role?

And do you have any insights in Corporate Banking exit opportunities? If it's supporting IBankers, do ppl just go to Ibanking?

Oct 28, 2015