BlackRock or Goldman Sachs two offers

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I have two offers one from BlackRock and another from Goldman Sachs. The BlackRock position is a fixed income specialist role while the Goldman Sachs position is a Controller position for their valuations group (not to be confused with PE valuations or anything like that). I think the BlackRock position is geared more towards what I want to get into, FI and potentially PM work in the future, however I find it hard making the decision especially with Goldman Sachs being an offer, I've wanted to work there ever since I started my journey in finance. Anyway, just looking for some direction, thanks!

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Jun 17, 2018

This may sound random but when I have a hard decision I flip a coin and by the time it lands my brain automatically makes a decision on what I subconsciously want. You should try it

Jun 18, 2018

don't make decisions based on name/prestige

Jun 18, 2018