Blackrock or MS

Wondering about two specific offers I have and what makes more sense in the long run-
BlackRock ETF & Index Investing or MS IB.
If I wanted to go buyside eventually does starting at BlackRock help me or hinder me at all? Is the ETF/Index Investing team a better opportunity than just IB? What's potential career paths/salaries?

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  • Analyst 1 in PE - LBOs
Sep 5, 2019 - 9:48am

It depends. What type of buyside institution do you want to work in eventually? Unless the answer is "I dream of working for an ETF/Index fund" the answer is 100% MS IBD. It will help you develop the technical skills, give you top notch deal exposure and access to a massive network. No question the pay will be higher as will the hours. Speaking with folks across long-only AM, HF, PC, VC and being in PE, it seems like no one respects or takes the index cucks seriously. I'd put them maybe a notch above insurance sales at Northwestern Mutual. You're not doing critical analysis, in-depth modeling or contributing any real value/insights.

The Blackrock name is great, but seriously fuck ETFs. Leave that to the machines. If that's your dream job then I assume you wouldn't be asking the question, but on the off chance it is I apologize for shitting on your feelings.

Nov 5, 2021 - 4:37pm

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