Blackrock Portfolio Analytics first round interviews - How should I study?

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I understand that I might be asked some basic probability theory and some financial stuff but has anyone been through an interview? I have had experience in private wealth management. What should I expect? thanks!!!

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Go through with this interview, but if you end up getting this job, do NOT take it. UNLESS, it is your very, very, very last resort.

interviewers will ask about markets, rates, some econ theory, all depends on your resume/bg.

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So whats the reason not to take it? just curious


I had my first rounds last week. It was basically all behavioral except for the parts that the interviewer asked about my last work experience. It was strange because it involved something totally unrelated to the job position. I've heard that some interviewers will ask you about the market. So know BlackRock's stock price, ticker, recent info (like acquisition of BGI), where treasury yields are, and etc...

But don't get too worried- not many technicals.


Nice, makes me feel better, did you hear back from them?


BlackRock PAG.

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Do you have a job desc or anything else to go off of? It could really vary. Off hand, it sounds like performing attribution analysis and the like, but different firms are going to have identical titles and group names that are not really indicative of what they really are.

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Risk management. Attribution, VaR, etc.


It has already been alluded to in the post above, but portfolio analytics are sorta the MO of the buyside. The FO is the PMG which will dictate what is held in the portfolio- portfolio analytics will mainly consists of either modeling the risk profile of the book or valuation of the positions.

Some shops allow portfolio analytic teams to do some real forward looking risk analysis (industry trends, etc.) which assist the PMG's decision making. This, however, is the exception rather than the norm.

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