Blackstone Tac Opps (BTO) Interview!

Hey Folks, I was lucky enough to land an interview with Blackstone Tactical Opportunities (BTO or Tac Opps).

Their first round interview is a "case interview." I've never done any case prep for consulting + don't know how BTO's version would differ from a classic consulting case. I assume it has more of an investing angle, where you make the buy / pass call on a potential investment after being told to consider a company / industry. 

Would love some direction in understanding how to prep + what BTO may be looking for in a case interviewee

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May 3, 2021 - 3:58pm

Went through their process last year. The case was pretty unique. 

Similar to other private equity cases in that the interviewer described a business, then asked a series of qualitative and quantitative questions about it. The main difference was that the quantitative portion wasn't a paper LBO but rather this cash-flow based exercise that I hadn't run through before. 

I didn't get past the first round (so take with a grain of salt), but I'd spend some time really getting comfortable moving between EBITDA and FCF

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