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Attending a non-target which has upward of 20 licensed Bloomberg terminals for students to use whenever they wish. I've been using the PEOP function to build my records of contacts (and incredibly limited alumni) but am curious as to what else I can do to make myself an attractive candidate for SA applications.

Former Boutique Corporate Advisory Summer Analyst - not interested in markets or trading as such, but would appreciate any recommendations as to what I can be doing related to deals / how I can showcase initiative. The Markets Concepts Certification seems like a solid place to start.


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Unfortunately, my non-target doesn't have a Bloomberg lab, but my ER internship last summer had terminals and I loved the things. I would stay late just to use for less work related things like networking or looking up M&A deals that weren't on my list.

PEOP was good for finding some names to try and cold email and find some high-level background info on the person (colleges, prior experience, etc.). My portfolio manager emphasized finishing the Market Concepts certification within the first week (several hours for all modules) and I don't think it's a bad way to show interest.

Also, use the MA function on the terminal. I never found more information on M&A deals in one place than on the terminal. Best way to show interest is to be able to speak toward some specifics of a deal. It also is a good way of seeing what banks are advising on different deals instead of reading press releases.

Good luck.

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