Blue Mountain Capital Ops vs Financial Research Associates

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I recently just interviewed for both internship positions and was wondering which position would give me an opportunity to move into FO. Many of FRA's projects involve litigation matters where they provide business valuation/forensic accounting analysis for high net worth individuals and privately-held businesses. Work may include the following: industry research, asset tracing, public peer group/M&A analysis, executive compensation research, review and analysis of company books and records, preparation of valuation and forensic reports, analysis of discovery, review and analysis of financial statements, and tax returns. The Ops internship at Blue Mountain Capital requires me to assist with production and analysis of daily P&L reporting across all BlueMountain funds and asset classes, but I would get to sit next to traders on the trading floor every day. Thanks.

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Apr 15, 2014

Depends on which FO you are interested in:
- FRA seems more relevant for corporate finance
- Capital Ops more relevant for S&T

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Apr 20, 2014