BMO Capital Markets - Toronto vs. Montreal?

Anyone know the difference (industries/products) covered by the Montreal and Toronto offices for BMO CM?

Both offices are recruiting on campus and I'm wondering whether or not it's worth applying to both or if I should concentrate on one. If anyone has info on culture at both offices, that would also be great.

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Sep 30,2017

Metals and mining in Toronto seems to be a good group, at least in 2010 it was. Hope that helps.

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Sep 30,2017

The real question is why would you even consider Montreal over Toronto?

I would understand if you said Calgary given Canada's strong presence in the Natural Resource sector, but Montreal...really?

Sep 30,2017

Agree with guy above, no real reason to go to Montreal over Toronto unless you really want to live in that city and don't care about dealflow or exits.

Sep 30,2017

Toronto GMM. They are always ranked #1 for GMM.

Oct 31,2017