Bocconi (Administration, Financial management and Control) or Cass (Finance)

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Dear colleagues!
I'm an italian boy. I would like to work in M&A abroad after graduation. I do not have related work experience.
I have been admitted by Bocconi (MSc in Administration, Financial Management and Control) and by Cass (MSc Finance).
I'm still waiting for Warwick (MSc Finance) and Rotterdam (MScBA Accounting and Financial Management).

I would like to have an opinion from you about which Uni to choose, which one has better reputation, placement etc and will offer me the possibility to work abroad.
Will the kind of course for which I have been chosen make a difference in the recruitment process?
Will I have more chances doing an MSc Finance with respect to the MSc AFC at Bocconi?
(considering that MSc AFC at Bocconi is not the university's top program while the MSc Finance at Cass is the Cass' top one also ranked 20th by FT).

Thank you for your attention

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May 9, 2018

@G-I the pharma guy" another one

Mate you don't have related work experience, given this I would pick a 2 year program hands down.
If you're able to get a SA or an off-cycle internship now then go for the 1 year ones.. Otherwise: Bocconi.

May 9, 2018

Yes, I think Bocconi is the best option here

May 9, 2018

@Real Marcus Halberstram"
Thank you mate. I appreciate a lot your help with this decision. I will choose Bocconi. Also because I evaluated carefully the two courses and I prefer the AFC one.

May 9, 2018