Bocconi AFC or ESADE MSc in Finance?

Hey everyone, I have just received my application result from Esade and now I am struggling to choose between Bocconi AFC (administration, financial management and control) and Esade MSc in Finance program. I'm Italian and Bocconi is an extremely important name in our country (my future plan is to work here).
I like the AFC curriculum but I think that Esade's one is far more exiting( in fact i am into finance then AFC but I wasn't admitted to Bocconi MSc in finance). On the other hand, Bocconi is far more well recognised then Esade here in Italy. I also don't have a lot of work experience (just 2 months at EY) and maybe a two year program could fit me better.
I find it difficult to decide between something that might be more useful and something that I could enjoy more. Please give me some advices!
Thank you!!

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  • Analyst 2 in IB - Gen
Apr 3, 2021 - 7:55am

Faced a similar dilemma a few years back. Decided to go with Bocconi.

My take: I would go with Bocconi for various reasons:

  1. You already know you want to be in Italy, and there is no better school to do so than Bocconi (apart maybe from the likes of Oxbridge? But even then it would be a matter of debate...)
  2. Reputation and career opps-wise, Bocconi is currently ahead of ESADE. At least in my current market (LDN BB IBD), Bocc >> ESADE (this is true for Finance, but also for AFC, IM, ESS...). My colleagues who did ESADE are very well prepared and are having no issues in transitioning to the buyside, but Bocconi is just seen at a different level
  3. It's a two years program, which is useful in gaining more experience under your belt before graduation, and also allows you (pending COVID and any other plague!) to do exchange or DD in your second year

However, I do agree that ESADE may be a more exciting / fun experience. Therefore, I would also consider whether you did you undergrad at Bocconi or somewhere else in Italy.

If it's the former, points 1 and 2 above would be partially mitigated and you would have a more compelling story for "Why ESADE?", i.e. after three years you were looking for a new experience/environment.

This is of course just my 2 cents and I may be biased. But as long as we are discussing finance education, I really see no reason to pick ESADE over Bocc, unless you want to be in Spain (which I understand is not the case here...)

Apr 3, 2021 - 11:44am

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