Bocconi MSc Finance vs. St. Gallen(HSG) MBF vs. Frankfurt School(FSFM) MSc Finance


I have received offers: Bocconi MSc Finance, St. Gallen M.A. Banking and Finance, and am currently applying to Frankfurt School of Finance and Management MSc Finance. Since I'm a non-EU and have little access to the general opinions of the employers and students in Europe regarding these programmes, I would like to seek advice from close participants or those informed of the financial industry in London and Frankfurt.
I am a non-EU with a major in German Language and double major in Finance, thus I have some basic knowledge of the German language (only upper B1 to lower B2 for oral however, due to the lack of language environment around in Asia). With practice in the language environment I may make my oral German into C1 at least.
Bocconi MSc Finance is well renowned around the investment banking sector, especially in London. However the class size of Bocconi Fin is huge and the competition for grades in classes is fierce. If I won't make it to the top percentile in class, especially considering that I'm a language student in general (with only some amount of mathematical skill), there will be very little chances I can get into the industry in London.
St.Gallen M.A. Banking and Finance ranks top in the German speaking region. However also considering that I'm a non-EU, getting internships/jobs in Switzerland for me is almost mission impossible, due to the regulations of work permits in Switzerland. I can only turn to Germany or marginal London for opportunities. Since St.Gallen is the best business school in the German speaking region, how is the placement or networking of St.Gallen Alumni in Frankfurt of other part of the Germany, especially for M.A. Banking and Finance students?
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management has it's placement and networking in the banking industry of Frankfurt. And it's 3+4 curriculum module allows students to get a part time job besides studies, which can be very helpful for non-EU students to land a good job in the distant land of Frankfurt. However, the down side for Frankfurt School is its relatively low ranking in Financial Times and no placement at all in QS Ranking, which is presumably also the case in terms of employer and student reputation.
Based on my background above, which programme would you suggest? Your knowledge will be of huge help!

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Apr 3, 2018 - 12:21pm

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