Bonobos for Lady Bankers? Meet Quincy

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I'm a huge fan of Bonobos. Great fit, great prices, great colors, great service.

Now the ladies over at Quincy Apparel are making some noise in professional/corporate attire for women.
Per the NYT:
Bonobos pants just fit better. Quincy is trying to bring that same approach to the ladies in our banking lives.

I never understood why my pants, suits, shirts came in sizes matched to my dimensions but women had to suffer under 2, 4, 6, 8, 10...

Quincy's sizing algorithm allows you to pick garments based on height, weight, bust, body type, in addition to how other brands like J. Crew fit you. You can select different sizing types for top and bottoms.

They've copied Bonobos' free shipping both ways, plus they send you 2 sizes for free to ensure you get the best fit the first time.

Plus, they're making everything right here in NYC.

So what do you think? Is this a hit or a miss?

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Oct 24, 2012

seems a bit pricey

Oct 24, 2012

i have no clue what the ladies are spending. would be interesting to hear some stats. what are 1st year analysts shelling out?

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Oct 24, 2012

speaking of lady bankers... where's bankerella?

Oct 24, 2012

where is dis

Oct 24, 2012

Founders are good people as well.

Oct 25, 2012