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I was wondering if anyone has ever convinced their boss to change their bonus number after the number has been given to them. I have never heard of it ever happening , so will be curious to hear about others experience

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Jan 14, 2020

It happens, it is not common (at all) and it depends on what you mean by "when the number is given to you".

A few things to weigh:
- size of the firm matters. Larger firms have more levels of approvals and makes changing these types of things difficult. Where smaller firms might have a lot more flexibility
- related to the above the closer you are to "hey X here is your number and it has been signed off on by management and finance, etc" the less likely you are to be able to change this.
- at the junior level this is less likely to happen and having this conversation might be difficult (depending on the culture of the firm) so be thoughtful if you are considering this.

You should be (where appropriate and possible) getting ahead of your reviews and bonus number discussions. I have seen number (and have had my own number) changed from preliminary discussions to the final payout, but again that is before you go through all the approvals, convincing everyone to change this (favorably for you) is difficult.

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Jan 15, 2020
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