What are the top books a Finance student should reed during college? Multiple topics such as investing, business, mindset, private equity, disruption, etc.What are the top books a Finance student should read during college? Topics such as investing, entrepreneurship, business development, mindset, etc.

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Apr 4, 2021 - 9:35pm

Good list, but some of these texts aren't directly applicable in understanding the skills needed for, or the underlying superstructures in, high finance or the corporate world. Light in August for example, while a very insightful and penetrating text that more or less captures the zeitgeist of interwar America, probably won't be as helpful for OP as compared to The Great Gatsby. But regardless, one must think about the right questions and critique the right ideas for any of these texts to actually help you: read through lit crits, discuss with classmates/professors, and seek out other perspectives to truly dissect these texts and take away more complex tools and ideas beyond plot summary

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