Books and resources about international (non-US) REITs

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You can find pretty much everything about US reits: books, analyses, online data etc.
International REITs are mostly relatively young and there's much less material. I'd like to read a book about REITs which also covers the peculiarities of global REITs: risks, returns, tax issues, real estate and reit indexes, restrictions on maximum leverage etc.
Which books and online data sources do you use for this?
So far I've come across "International REITs: How to Invest Overseas and Build an International Portfolio" by Leong (not read yet - dunno if it's good).

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Aug 13, 2019

Keep in mind that in the United States, a REIT is really just any company that adheres to a very stringent set of operational rules in order to achieve a favorable tax structure. It is somewhat difficult to talk about "international REITs" from a U.S. perspective, because other nations have approached the securitization or real estate in loads of different ways and so while the term REIT might frequently be used as an easy umbrella term, what that actually means country-to-country can be all over the place.

In fairness many countries have tried to mimic the U.S. model, but there are all sorts of nuances, for example Singapore's 35% cap on debt/equity, Finland's requirement that a REIT be 80% residential assets and held for 5 years, or Germany not allowing investment in resi properties built before 2007.

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Aug 14, 2019