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I did a final round interview for BAH's economic and business analysis group outside DC in the Mclean office.

I don't really know much about consulting besides what I've read on some websites and forums. I know this isn't commercial and not as prestigious as MBB etc but does anyone know anything about this SPECIFIC "EBA" group?

Is the work they do interesting? Would a group like this have good exit opportunities? What's the pay like for a new-hire and how does it progress through to partner? Any insight into the McLean office would be appreciated as well.

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Nov 10, 2009

as i understand it, that's a solid group and you'll be working with some really bright people. BAH, while not MBB, is at the top of the heap in the govt/defense space, and the alumni network is incredible and includes folks like jim woolsey (check its wikipedia). i'd say they'd prob start you around 55, but thats just a wild guess.

Nov 10, 2009

I agree with the salary, I think you'd be looking at something around 55-60 to start off. Is it possible to transfer from a defense consulting firm like this into commercial later on though? Would you be able to get into any ivy league b-schools?

Nov 10, 2009