Boston College MsF vs. T25 MBA for breaking into IB

I'm 2 years out of college working in an asset management sales position (internal wholesaler). I just took CFA L3 and felt great about the exam, so I'm happy to get that over with assuming I pass. My goal is to move to investment banking. I understand there's some heavy recruiting being done for junior IB roles right now but I just can't see a bank taking a chance on me with my unrelated background. 

IMO, these are my two options to break in:

  1. Go to Boston College MsF program in Fall 2022 where I will have had 3 years experience upon matriculating. The pros here are 1 year vs 2 years for MBA, staying local, and likely starting as an analyst which may lead to better exit ops. It's also my understanding that the BC MsF students get to do OCR with the BC undergrads. 

  2. Go to a T25 MBA (Would love UNC-KF or UT-Austin, but Emory Goizueta, Rice Jones, Vandy Owen are options as well). Top 15 isn't really an option for me due to weak undergrad GPA (3.05 at a Semi Target), relatively weak and short work experience, and little outside involvement from grinding for the CFA these past 18 months. The pro for this option are starting as an associate (perhaps at a BB in NYC with some luck and heavy networking as opposed to a MM in Boston)

The BC option is a very high risk high reward scenario IMO. If anyone has done IB recruiting from an MsF program like BC or from an MBA like the ones I mentioned above, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Jun 9, 2021 - 12:48pm

Personal opinion. But the MBA route wins by a mile.

Structured recruiting. Come in as an associate. Far more alumni at various banks in various cities. WAY better "backstop" if banking doesn't work out.

Caveat--can you get a GMAT that matters? Anything 700+ will be ok for recruiting but even getting into those schools you named could be a semi-uphill battle from the brief info you shared.

Jun 9, 2021 - 2:50pm

Yep, just took a week off after my L3 exam but jumping right into the GMAT now. I submitted a profile review on r/mba and it looks like I'll have a decent shot into getting into at least 1 of those schools with a 710+, which I feel like I can achieve given that I work 40 hours a week. Recruiting from there will be the next battle.

peter hedberg
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