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So I have a few questions. I'm graduating in a month from a top LAC in the west coast I have 2 most likely 3 job offers right now.

The first is a 3 month contract with a boutique consulting firm to work on 1 project over the summer. They work do most there work with 2/3 F50 companies. I would be put on a project, see how I do and then evaluated for a job when they hire in august.

The second is working as an associate at a mutual fund company.

credit analyst at a regional bank. Go through training then start working.

What should I take. ultimately i would like to go to a top b school. I have 3.2 gpa, varsity athletics, pretty smart so I know I can rock the gmat. At this point it is hard to say what I want to do. I really like finance and the consulting front. Never thought of working at a boutique (always was looking at the MBB). The mutual fund may be a bit small and I may end up having to study for my cfa if I go there. don't know much about working as a credit analyst. just need some help with where to go.

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Apr 27, 2013