Boutique or Chinese IBD?

I'm a sophomore from a semi-target in the U.S.. I have already secured two offers for this summer, one from a small, no-name boutique in the Midwest (through networking) and the other from one of the largest Chinese investment banks in Beijing/Shanghai (not CICC or CITIC though). I got it via family connection.

The boutique is mostly an M&A advisory firm, but it is more relevant to the U.S. capital markets. As China reopens IPO this year, it is expected that there will be 300+ Chinese A-share IPOs in 2014. I assume that I will be able to participate in some of them. My concern, however, is that Chinese experience is not highly regarded.

I am born and raised in Mainland China, but my goal is to get a SA position in either New York or Hong Kong and eventually a FT job in one of these places. Which one should I choose?

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